Urban waste collection

Bins and collection

Red landfill bin collected fortnightly.

Yellow recycling bin collected weekly.

Green food organics garden organics (FOGO) bin collected weekly.

Tips to ensure your bins are collected:

  • put your bins out for collection on the kerb (unless instructed otherwise) by 6am on your collection day, or the night before
  • place wheels facing away from the kerb
  • keep your bins at least 30cm apart and at least 1m from obstacles such as cars, trees and power poles
  • bins must not weight more than 70kg
  • it is the resident's responsibility to clean and maintain bins
  • all waste must be inside bins and lid must be completely closed
  • return your bin to your property (or enclosure) the same day of your scheduled collection service.

How much can my bin weigh?

The mechanical arm on the collection vehicle cannot lift bins over approximately 70kg.

If you are struggling to move your bin, it's too heavy for the hydraulic arm on the collection truck to lift.  Moving bins that are too heavy may also cause injury.  If your bin weights over 70kg it may not be collected and you will receive a sticker on the bin and/or a notice in your letterbox. Your options are to remove some material and wait until the next scheduled collection date or remove some material and contact Waste Services (4237 5148) who may be able to arrange a second lift if the waste services truck is still working in the area.

Bin sizes

Red lid landfill bins:

(please note the all red bin is for STRA only)

kiama council bin sizes, red lid general waste bins

Food organics, garden organics green lid bin and recycling yellow lid bin:

(please note the 360 Litre recycling bin is for multi-unit dwellings and requires approval by Council)

kiama council bin sizes graphic, food organics bin and recycling bins



Change your red lid landfill bin size

Urban households can upsize or downsize their red landfill bin.

Red landfill bins are available in 3 sizes:

  • 80 litres
  • 140 litres
  • 240 litres. 

(please note the all red bin is for STRA only)

kiama council bin sizes, red lid general waste bins

The size of your red lid landfill bin determines the Domestic Waste Management Charge you will pay through your annual rates.

It's important to choose the right size bin to suit your household. 

Extra bags of rubbish left on the kerb is illegal dumping and can attract hefty fines.

Downsize or upsize your bin(PDF, 391KB)

Report a bin issue

Contact our Waste Services on (02) 4237 5148 or Council on (02) 4232 0444 if your bin is:

  • stolen
  • lost
  • damaged.

You can also contact us to report a missed collection service.


Request, cancel or change your waste service

To request additional bins

You can get additional bins for an urban property by paying an initial bin establishment fee.

This fee is per bin and payable upfront.

The annual service fee per bin will be applied to your annual rates.

Restrictions apply to requesting additional bins.

Request additional bin for urban household(PDF, 391KB)

Request additional full waste service for urban household(PDF, 391KB)

Get bins for a new property

You can request bins for a recent built property once you have an Occupation Certificate.

An initial bin establishment fee is payable upfront, per bin.

The annual service fee per bin will be applied to your annual rates.

Request new urban waste service(PDF, 391KB)


Cancel and reinstate your service

You can apply to cancel a waste service if you are demolishing, or if you no longer require additional bins.

If you are demolishing, the annual service fee will be replaced with a Vacant Land Charge on your annual rates. 

To cancel your waste service, please email council@kiama.nsw.gov.au with your cancellation request providing your name, property address and date which the service is to be cancelled.  Waste Services will contact you to arrange collection of your bins and pro-rata reimbursements will apply.

To reinstate your waste service again, you can complete the same form.

Reinstate urban waste service for household(PDF, 391KB)


Short term rental accommodation service

If you own a short term rental accommodation (STRA) property, we offer a weekly waste service.

You get a weekly collection of:

  • 240L red landfill bin
  • 240L yellow recycling bin
  • 240L green food organics and garden organic

An initial bin establishment fee is payable upfront for the red landfill bin.  The relevant short term rental accommodation waste service will be applied to your annual rates notice.

The service is an optional, not mandatory, service for STRA owners.

Should you need to reinstate your regular urban waste service you'll be charged:

  • a $103.63 cancellation fee
  • the bin establishment fee for replacing the red landfill bin

(PDF, 527KB)Request a Short Term Rental Accommodation Weekly Urban Waste Service(PDF, 527KB)

Shared bins for new multi-unit developments (residential component)

A shared bin arrangement is often arranged for new multi-unit developments.

Each residential unit will receive 140L capacity for garbage disposal.

The 140L Domestic Waste Management Charge is applied to each unit.

The total number of bins, as determined by Council, must be purchased before tenancy.

Request a shared bin waste service for a Multi-Unit Development(PDF, 388KB)