Apply for a Farmland rating

To apply to have your land categorised as Farmland for rating purposes, contact our Rates Officer on (02) 4232 0444 or email

Our Rates Officer will first discuss Farmland rating with you and provide you with a copy of our Farmland rating application form(PDF, 241KB) if it applies.

Our Farmland Rating Policy is available here.(PDF, 492KB)

Farmland category

Under Section 515 of the Local Government Act, land is categorised as Farmland if it:

  1. is a parcel of rateable land valued as one assessment and its dominant use is for farming. Farming includes the business or industry of:
    • grazing
    • animal feedlots
    • dairying
    • pig-farming
    • poultry farming
    • viticulture
    • orcharding
    • bee-keeping
    • horticulture
    • vegetable growing
    • the growing of crops of any kind
    • forestry
    • aquaculture (within the meaning of the Fisheries Management Act 1994), or
    • any combination of those businesses or industries) which has a significant and substantial commercial purpose or character, and is engaged in for the purpose of profit on a continuous or repetitive basis (whether or not a profit is actually made).
  2. Land cannot be categorised as Farmland if it is rural residential land.

  3. The regulations may prescribe circumstances in which land is, or is not, to be categorised as Farmland.