Open Access Information

The GIPA Act requires us to release the following Open Access Information:

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports include:

  • Financial and Auditors Reports
  • Bodies Exercising Functions Delegated by Local Authority.

Code of Meeting Practice

The Code of Meeting Practice is made under:

A Council and a Committee of the Council of which all the members are Councillors must conduct its meetings in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice adopted by the Council.


Contracts Register

Council is required to publish a register of its contracts with private sector bodies valued at more than $150,000.  

It includes the: 

  • contractors name and any related company involved in the contract
  • start date and duration of the contract
  • goods and services to be provided under the contract
  • amount payable to the contractor, any renegotiation provisions, tender methods if applicable, and any payment provisions for operational or maintenance services under the contract.

Contracts Register(PDF, 293KB)

Council Meetings

Our Council Meetings page has information on Council:

  • meeting dates
  • agendas
  • business papers
  • reports
  • minutes
  • Code of Meeting Practice.

Council Plans (Integrated planning and reporting)

Our Integrated planning and reporting documents incorporate our community’s vision and plans for the municipality.

Council policies

These are available to download on our Policies page.


Our register of the functions delegated to the General Manager, Mayor and officers of the Council.

Delegations register(PDF, 190KB)


Disclosure Log

A log of Formal Access to Information applications we've received that are likely to be of interest to the public.

Our Disclosure Log(PDF, 223KB) contains non-personal information only.

Pecuniary interest disclosures (Councillor and designated persons)

Disclosures of Councillor and Designated Persons Pecuniary Interest must be made and lodged by Councillors and Designated Persons under Part 4 of the Model Code of Conduct.

These are available for inspection by appointment at Council's Customer Service Centre during normal business hours.

Copies may be made in accordance with the GIPA Regulation Part 2 (14) (b).

Political donations

Go to the Electoral Funding Authority website for political donations lodged by:

  • candidates
  • groups
  • members of parliament
  • Councillors
  • political parties
  • political donors.

Returns of Interest of Councillors and others

Councillor and other Returns of Interest documents may be viewed free of charge by appointment at our Customer Service Centre. 

You'll need to complete an Informal Request for Information form(PDF, 571KB) first.

Voting register

Voting on all planning matters considered at Council meetings are required to recorded under Section 375A of the Local Government Act 1993.

Voting register(PDF, 475KB)

Voting register pre-2020(PDF, 2MB)