Rural waste collection

Bins and collection

Our rural waste service includes:

  • one 240 litre red lid landfill bin serviced every fortnight
  • one 240 litre yellow lid recycling bin serviced every fortnight.

Collected on alternate weeks.

Tips to ensure your bins are collected:

  • by 6am on your collection day, or the night before, place your bins on the kerb (unless instructed otherwise) 
  • face wheels away from the kerb
  • keep your bins free from obstacles such as cars, trees, and power poles
  • return your bin to your property the same day of the scheduled service.


Report a bin issue

Contact our Waste Services on (02) 4237 5148 or Council on (02) 4232 0444 if your bin is:

  • stolen
  • lost
  • damaged.

You can also contact us to report a missed collection service.

Request additional service

As a rural property owner, you have the option to order and pay for an additional rural waste service.

This consists of a red landfill bin (240 litres) and a yellow recycling bin (240 litres) that is serviced fortnightly on alternate weeks. 

An initial bin establishment fee (per bin) is payable upfront and the annual Rural Waste Management Charge will be applied to your annual rates.

To request an additional rural waste service contact Council's Waste Services on (02) 4237 5148.

Request a waste service for a new property

You can request bins for a newly built property once you have an Occupation Certificate.

After you apply for a rural waste service, a Council officer will assess your property to check that a waste service can be provided.

If a rural waste service can be provided, an initial bin establishment fee is payable upfront, per bin.

The annual service fee per bin will be applied to your annual rates.

To request a rural waste service contact our Waste Services on (02) 4237 5148.

Cancel your waste service

To cancel your service contact our Waste Services on (02) 4237 5148.

A Vacant Land charge will replace your Rural Waste Management Charge on your annual rates.

Pro-rata reimbursements apply.