Community Reports

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Council's Annual Reports are compiled for each financial year, and contain:

  • highlights and achievements we have made, and
  • how we have performed against our Community Plans.

Council's Annual Financial Statements are based on each financial year, and set out Council's:

  • financial performance
  • financial position, and
  • cash flows.


Note: For 2021-22, Council has published a summary of Financial Statements in our Annual Report 2021-22 as an interim measure, while we await the finalisation of our audited financial statements. This delay has been authorised by the Office of Local Government, and an extension of time for reporting has been granted. Audited Financial Statements will be published in accordance with the Act when the audit has been completed.



The Biannual Delivery Plan Reviews are completed every six months, outlining Council's implementation of the activities identified in the current 4-year Delivery Program

Our Quarterly Operational Plan Reviews are completed every 3 months.

They show how Council is performing, in achieving the activities identified in our current Operational Plan.

The quarterly reports are incorporated in our Business Papers.

The State of our Municipality Report (formerly known as the End of Term Report) is completed at the end of every 4-year term of Council.

It reports on what Council has achieved in implementing its Community Strategic Plan for the past 4 years.

The State of our Municipality Report 2016-21 covers a 5 year period, as local government elections were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: The 2016-21 State of our Municipality report appears as a redacted version (images and quotes from Councillors and the Mayor removed) while the Council is in caretaker mode. An updated version will be posted after the local government election. 

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