Hyams Creek Revival Project

  • Project typeEnvironmental
  • Project value$37,960
  • Completion Date31 July 2022
Aerial maop of Hyams Creek Revival Project area

Kiama Council and Local Land Services are collaborating on this multi-stage project to restore and enhance the Hyams Creek riparian corridor through Jamberoo.

South East Local Land Services is providing funding assistance under the South Coast Riparian Corridors Project 2020-2021.

This project is funded by Catchment Action NSW.

Hyams Creek is currently in a degraded state with evidence of erosion from stock accessing the creek and the invasion of large coral trees (Erythrina x sykesii) and other woody weeds including Small-leafed privet (Ligustrum sinense) threatening the existence of native species, biodiversity and riparian condition on both sides of the creek.

The coral trees are choking the creek and creating erosion problems along the bank.

This project complements previous work done on private land on the Western bank of Hyams Creek to fence stock out and implement restoration works.

Kiama Municipal Council will undertake riparian restoration works along the Eastern bank.

The project provides both social and environmental benefits to the amenity of the Jamberoo township by improving the native riparian corridor and contributing to water quality in Hyams Creek.

Improving the water quality of Hyams Creek, a tributary of Minnamurra River, has been identified as important in achieving the objectives of the Minnamurra River Coastal Zone Management Plan.

Protection of estuarine water quality is reliant on improving catchment management and inputs, so these works will benefit the Minnamurra River estuary as well as the freshwater sections through Jamberoo.



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