Springside Hill Kiama West Planning Proposal

Published on 23 January 2024

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Kiama Council has become aware of the imminent lodgement of a Planning Proposal for residential and mixed-use development at Springside Hill (Kiama West).

The Planning Proposal is for the rezoning of several parcels of rural land on a 114-hectare site at 177 Long Brush Road, Jerrara, 33 Greyleigh Drive and 103 Jamberoo Drive, Kiama.

The rezoning proposal would enable a variety of housing types, affordable housing, recreational opportunities, local centre, and zoning to enable a school and place of worship.

Chief Executive Officer Jane Stroud said while Council staff had received a briefing on the proposal, with Councillors due to be briefed in early February, the proposal was still to be formally lodged and assessed.

“Planning Proposals are not normally made public at this stage. However, it is my view, given the scale and scope, it will be very important for our community to be fully informed of this proposal and what’s involved as soon as it’s formally lodged and can be made public.”

“To help, we have decided that once the Proposal is formally lodged, Council will post further information on our website. At that time I encourage everyone to read the information provided.”

After the Proposal is formally lodged, the next stage will be for Council staff to provide a report for our Councillors, including a recommendation of whether the proposal should proceed for further assessment. This report is likely to take several months to prepare.

If Councillors decide the proposal should proceed, the next stage includes further assessments, referrals to government agencies and community consultation.

“While Planning Proposals can take up to 12 months, it’s important the correct procedure is followed, and community consultation will be a critical part of this.”

“Proposed developments such as this will generate a lot of interest, and we will provide our community with regular updates as we move through the process,” Ms Stroud said.

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