Akuna Street (South) selective tender - EOI


Kiama Council is selling a parcel of land in Akuna Street (south) Kiama.

The landholding has an aggregate area of approximately 2,409.1m2 subject to survey.

The current zoning of the land is E1 Local Centre under Kiama LEP2011 and is currently used as a public car park. 

The landholdings comprise the following lots:

  • Lot 4 DP 229319
  • Lot 5 DP 229319
  • Lot 6 DP 229319
  • Lot 11 DP 229319



On 20 September 2022, Council resolved to proceed to open tender for the sale of the above landholdings located in Akuna Street, Kiama. 

We undertook an Expression of Interest (EOI) for interested parties to tender for purchase of the land for 28 days commencing 1 June 2023.

Colliers Wollongong have been appointed by Council as marketing agent for sale of the land (through Council’s Real Estate panel) process.

This process concluded 28 June 2023 and potential tenderers were shortlisted. The shortlisted EOI have been invited to tender for purchase of the land.


Invitation to tender for purchase of the land (selective tender)

This is a selective tender Invitation under s166(b) of the Local Government Regulation 2021. The tender period is 21 days commencing 25 July 2023.

Details of the submission requirements and assessment criteria for selective tendering has been made available to the shortlisted tenderers by direct invitation. The tender will be determined by the full Council as soon as practicable after the evaluation and assessment process.

Tenders must be submitted by 2:00pm on 15 August 2023 using either, Council’s e-Tendering portal, or, placed in a sealed envelope and labelled with the tender title and closing date, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and placed in the tender box, located in Kiama Council’s Administration Centre reception, 11 Manning Street Kiama NSW between the hours 8:45am and 4:15pm Monday to Friday.