Open Spaces and Recreation Strategy

Child playing paddle tennis on grass at a busy playground in Gerringong

Council is developing an Open Spaces and Recreation Strategy for the next 10 years.

The Strategy will look at sporting facilities, play facilities, parks and open spaces and identify future priorities and investment.

The Strategy will establish Council's vision, priorities and programs to enable future investment, supported by external funding assistance, in the highest priority areas for all Council-managed sporting fields, play spaces and open space recreational areas.

Extensive consultation is being undertaken with key stakeholders and the community.

Input by the users and community is an integral part of the development of the Strategy.

The consultation for this project is broken down into two areas:

Stage 1 - Sporting fields and facilities


Consultation information - Stage 1

Stage 1 - Sporting fields and facilities

This consultation has now been completed.

  • Key internal stakeholder consultation
  • Kiama District Sports Association consultation
  • Survey of Sports Clubs/Associations, who are the primary users of our sporting fields and facilities
  • On-site meetings with Sports Clubs/Associations
  • Survey of other key user groups including schools
  • Community consultation via survey

By meeting directly with user groups, we will capture the current state of the sporting fields and facilities, and hear users' needs and desires for upgrades and improvements that aim to benefit the whole community. 

The online survey and written submissions as part of stage 1 of our consultation on the sportsfields / courts and facilities in the Kiama Local Government area has now closed. Thank you to those that responded during the consultation period.


Stage 2 - Playgrounds, open spaces and reserves


Consultation information - Stage 2

Stage 2 - Playgrounds, open spaces and reserves

This consultation has now finished.

We have completed:

  • Accepting written submissions
  • Key internal stakeholder consultation
  • Community consultation via online survey
  • Pop-up sessions at playground locations in the LGA
  • Community sessions at The Pavilion Kiama

Thank you to everyone that attended one of our sessions in the playgrounds or at The Pavilion Kiama, who completed the online survey and who has provided a written submission. This feedback is very valuable in the development of our Open Spaces and Recreation Strategy.