Community Strategic Plan Engagement

We are updating Kiama’s Community Strategic Plan and we would like you to be involved.


Our Community Strategic Plan is a long-term plan that identifies the main priorities and aspirations of our community for the future. It is shaped by our community, for our community and we are encouraging you to join the conversation.


The Plan must be reviewed following each local government election - to ensure it remains relevant and captures the aspirations of the whole community.


The Kiama 2017- 2027 Community Strategic Plan reflects the community’s vision for Kiama and is our guide for action over the next 10 years.



Working together for a healthy, sustainable and caring community.


It tells us:

  • What we are striving to achieve
  • Strategies we are using to achieve it
  • Outcomes that will indicate we have reached our goals.


Council takes a lead role in the implementation of this Plan, however, responsibility for achieving our long-term goals also rests with all levels of government, businesses, industry groups, community organisations and individuals.



  • A Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Community
  • Well Planned and Managed Spaces, Places and Environment
  • A Diverse, Thriving Economy
  • Responsible Civic Leadership that is Transparent, Innovative and Accessible


You are invited to help us review our vision and priorities.


But right now you can get involved by:

  • completing our survey here
  • contribute to our Facebook conversation by answering the key question we pose each week on Council's Facebook page


There will be more ways to get involved coming soon, to follow this project and receive updates, subscribe through the 'Stay Informed' tool on this webpage.