Microchipping and registration

NSW Companion Animal Register

All cats and dogs must be registered by 6 months of age.

The NSW Companion Animals Register is a state government register of companion animals and their owner's details. 

It is used by all NSW Councils to obtain information about companion animals.

Current lifetime registration fees

These fees are valid for the cat or dog's lifetime:

  • undesexed cat or dog - $210
  • desexed cat or dog - $58
  • dog or cat owned by a registered breeder and not desexed - $58
  • desexed cat or dog owner by a pensioner - $25
  • desexed cat or dog sold by a pound/shelter - $29
  • working dog - $0

We can charge a $16 processing fee per form for all commercial clients/certified identifiers if you send your forms to us to process.

Register your pet online

Complete the Lifetime Registration form

To verify an existing microchip in your animal complete the Verification of Existing Microchip form

To identify your animal please complete the Permanent Identification form

Change of owner or change of details

When your pet passes away

If your pet has passed away please let us know at council@kiama.nsw.gov.au

Provide your:

  • pet's microchip number
  • your contact information
  • date your pet passed away.

This allows us to update the NSW Companion Animals Register.