Microchipping and registration

NSW Companion Animal Register

The NSW Companion Animals Register is a state government register of companion animals and their owner's details. 

It is used by all NSW Councils to obtain information about companion animals.

Your pet needs to be registered before 6 months of age.

Only dogs desexed before 6 months of age are entitled to discounted registration.

A letter from your Vet is required if your dog is desexed after 6 months of age due to medical reasons.

Additional annual permit fees apply to:

  • cats not desexed before they turn 4 months of age
  • restricted dog breeds
  • dogs declared to be dangerous.

Current lifetime registration fees

These registration fees are valid for the cat or dog's lifetime.

Commercial clients/Certified identifiers: Please note that we may charge a $17 processing fee for each form if you send your forms to us to process.
 Registration Category Cat  Dog
Desexed (by relevant age)  $65 $75
Entire (not desexed) - animal with written notification from a vet that it should not be desexed  $65 $75
Not desexed or desexed after relevant age $65 $252
Desexed and owned by eligible pensioner - pension card and sterilisation certificate required  $32 $32
Desexed animal purchased from a eligible pound or shelter (Council pound, Animal Welfare League NSW, RSPCA or Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc.) - adoption paperwork and sterilisation certificate required $0 $0
Animal that is not desexed and owned by a recognised breeder for breeding purposes - current membership of RNSWCC, NSW Cat Fanciers' Association or Waratah State Cat Alliance Inc. to be provided $65 $75
Working dog N/A $0
Late fee is applicable if the annual permit fee has not been paid 28 days of the annual permit due date $21 $21

Annual permit fee

An annual permit fee, in addition to the one-off lifetime pet registration fee, applies for owners of a:
  • non-desexed cat (by 4 months of age) $92
  • restricted dog breed $221
  • dog declared to be dangerous $221

Annual permit exemptions apply to:

  • cats kept for breeding purposes by members of recognised breeding bodies
  • cats that cannot be desexed for medical reasons.

An $21 late fee applies if an annual permit fee is not paid within 28 days of the due date.

The purpose of the annual permit is to:
  • encourage owners to have their cat desexed
  • be a disincentive to owning a high-risk dog
  • encourage owners to better manage their animal's behaviour.

Register your pet online

Complete the Lifetime Registration form

To verify an existing microchip in your animal complete the Verification of Existing Microchip form

To identify your animal please complete the Permanent Identification form

Complete Annual Permit form

Change of owner or change of address details

When your pet passes away

If your pet has passed away please let us know at council@kiama.nsw.gov.au

Provide your:

  • pet's microchip number
  • your contact information
  • date your pet passed away.

This allows us to update the NSW Companion Animals Register.