Public forum


The public forum is an open forum where all members of the public are welcome to attend.

It allows members of the public to address Councillors on items at upcoming Council Meetings.

The public forum takes place the day prior to a Council Meeting at 5pm.

There are a maximum of 12 five minute spots available on the night, with only one speaker for and one speaker against an item.

Meetings are live-streamed and available to the public here.

Register for the public forum

If you wish to speak at the public forum you must officially register by contacting Council on (02) 4232 0402.

Requests can be made to our Chief Executive Officer's office between 9.30am the Friday prior to a Council Meeting, and no later than 2pm the day of the forum.  

Your request must indicate whether you are in favour of, or against, the recommendation(s) of the report.  

The Chief Executive Officer has delegation to refuse an application to speak at the public forum.  If this occurs, the reasons for refusal must be provided in writing.

The CEO will determine the order of speakers at the public forum.

Public forum speakers can speak on a maximum of 2 items.

If more than 1 member of the public registers to speak in support of an item, it is possible to share the 5 minute time slot.

If more than the permitted number of speakers apply to speak, the CEO can consult with the Mayor to increase the number of speakers if they are satisfied that it is necessary to do so.

Speaking at the public forum

Councillors will be invited to ask any questions at the end of your 5 minute timeslot.

If you intend on using visual aids, such as a PowerPoint presentation or images in support of their argument, you must supply them to Council before 2pm on the day of the forum.

This will ensure there is enough time to check compatibility with Council's systems and set up supporting material.  

Speakers must not:

The Chair may call a point of order on improper behaviour and may request a speaker to apologise and withdraw any inappropriate comments.

Councillors are required to declare and manage any conflicts of interest they may have in relation to any agenda item. 

A record is kept of any such disclosure.

Formal rules for public forum

These can be found at Section 4 of our Code of Meeting Practice(PDF, 108KB) .