Bombo staircase - September 2023 update

Published on 13 September 2023


Kiama Council acknowledges the frustrating delays to the opening of the Bombo Quarry staircase – Bombo Headland Eco Walk.

We advise the public that the staircase is currently not open, nor is it authorised for use.

This is because the contractors who built the staircase have not passed some Development Consent compliance inspections and accordingly the staircase has not achieved an Occupation Certificate. 

An Occupation Certificate is a key step to using, living in or accessing any building or built structure.

Without a valid Occupation Certificate, the contractor cannot formally hand ownership of the stairs back to Council, who will ultimately own and manage the stairs.

Given the importance of this project, Council staff and our contractors, with the assistance of a structural design consultant, are investigating the compliance issues and working towards rectification.

Council wishes to stress that the stairs are structurally sound, however they require some adjustments, for example to the stair treads, to meet compliance standards.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure & Liveability Michael Malone said: “This project has been beset by delays – including COVID, weather and construction industry wide issues that slowed progress.”

“We once again apologise for the protracted delay to the opening of the Bombo Stairs. We are working hard to ensure the stairs can be opened and enjoyed by all – I am looking forward to the stairs being open and providing better access to this magnificent part of our foreshore.”

Once the issues are resolved, the work is certified and an Occupation Certificate granted, Council will be able to accept ownership of the stairs. We will then announce an opening date for the staircase.

Council appreciates the public’s understanding and patience.


Further information

Project page with background information



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