Jamberoo Mountain Road update

Published on 22 July 2022


Kiama Council is examining options for the repair of Jamberoo Mountain Road, extensively damaged by recent storms and flooding.

More than 60 metres of Jamberoo Mountain Road, between The Abbey and Misty’s Lane, has totally failed due to a landslip and flood waters eroding the base and fracturing the tarmac.

Director Engineering and Works Mike Dowd said while the damage was not as dramatic as in 2020 it presented significant challenges.

“What happened this time, is the slope under a bend in the road collapsed due to the sheer weight of stormwater, which then undermined the road,” Mr Dowd.

“The challenge is to totally rebuild the road and to find a way to reinforce the slope underneath to withstand future events.”

Mr Dowd said a number of options were being looked at such as gabion baskets and ‘soil nails’ to stabilise the slope, before covering the exposed surface with either shotcrete or specialised mesh.

“Of course these options come with their own challenges such as whether they are suitable for the geology of the slope, and of course the cost factor.”

Mr Dowd said, as with the 2020 disaster, Council had to first discuss options for Jamberoo Mountain Road with the relevant government agencies.

“We have started discussions with the National Recovery and Resilience Agency and Transport for NSW, who are managing the disaster funding available to Kiama and 22 other NSW councils affected by the storms and floods.”

“Obviously, with that many councils affected, this takes time.”

“We’re also already well into talks with Resilience NSW about our needs.”

While happy with the quick progress being made so far, Mr Dowd cautioned that the repairs to Jamberoo Mountain Road will take some months.

The road remains closed to all traffic between The Abbey and Misty’s Lane.

This includes local residents.

“I appreciate every time we have to close Jamberoo Mountain Road it affects a lot of people, from farmers and accommodation providers, to ordinary commuters and school students.”

“However, the decision to completely close the road is not taken lightly, and is for everyone’s safety.”

“Please be assured we are working as fast as we can to have Jamberoo Mountain Road open once more.”

“But as with 2020, we must do the job properly, otherwise we are risking having to do it twice, and endangering our community and visitors as well.”

Mr Dowd said designs for Wallaby Hill and Foxground Roads, damaged in previous storms, were close to completion, with work on repairs expected to begin in coming months. 

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