Jamberoo Mountain Road update

Published on 29 July 2020

Jamberoo Mountain Road Geotechnical Investigations

Jamberoo Mountain Road remains closed to all traffic between Barren Grounds picnic ground turnoff and Misty Lane (above The Abbey), due to a large landslip caused by heavy rain on Monday night.

This has significantly damaged the road across both lanes.

Jamberoo Mountain Road has geotechnical issues due to the steep terrain, rainforest environment and loose soil structure.

We have been addressing this through maintenance and construction work.

The area of the landslip is particularly problematic as it is close to a natural gully. 

The recent heavy rain scoured the soil under the road, and caused the failure of a retaining wall.

Our engineers, with assistance from Wollongong City Council and the University of Wollongong, are conducting tests and monitoring the damage as the weather dries out.

This will determine the stability of the site, and what repairs are required.

The road will remain closed for a number of weeks at least.

We ask motorists and local residents to make alternative arrangements with this in mind.

Full restoration of the road is likely to take between three and six months.