Meet our Customer Service team

Published on 25 November 2022

Customer Service team - November 2022

Our hard-working customer service team, who are available 8.30-4.30pm on the front desk, phones and email to answer questions, log requests, deal with complaints, take payments and more.

We spoke to Natalie, our Customer Service Coordinator about what their work involves, what it takes to work in customer service and the challenges they face.

What does your job involve?

I coordinate and support the customer service team to deliver an excellent customer experience for our customers via phone, web and front counter.

Tell us your stats?

My team and I handle more than 2,100 calls per month and many other interactions with customers via email and face to face.

What skills do the customer service team need?

Exceptional customer service and administration skills and experience, high level organisational skills, and the ability to negotiate and deal effectively with customers in varied situations.

Any challenges?

Weather and the impact it can have on events and infrastructure in the local area, and the flow-on effect this has on Customer Service and the wider Council and community.

Best bits of the job?

Working within a passionate, knowledgeable team, who strive to provide extraordinary, efficient customer service to the Kiama community. We also love it when customers bring their puppies in to Reception when registering them, in fact, we insist on it! : )

Is the customer always right?

The customer is always right in raising any concerns they have – their concerns are always important as it is of importance to them, and the Customer Service team will do their very best to provide a prompt, accurate response.

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