Too much sport is barely enough

Published on 21 September 2023


The next time you head to one our local fields to get your sporting fix, you can thank not only our hard-working outdoor staff but also the Kiama District Sports Association (KDSA) for making sure everything is in readiness, win, lose or draw. 

We talked to KDSA President Craig Scott about what’s involved in ‘keeping the ball in play’.

Tell us about the KDSA, your membership and responsibilities?

The KDSA is a volunteer organisation established in July 1979. We currently have 30 affiliated sporting clubs and associations.

Our main job is providing an official voice for our sporting community to Kiama Council to ensure the current and future needs of those who play and administer local sports are met.

We also administer grants for our clubs and associations to maintain facilities and replace equipment, as well as training grants to help local athletes representing NSW or Australia. 

The KDSA is unique. I’m not aware of an equivalent in any other council area.

What’s involved with coordinating the activities at our sports fields?

We’re the point of contact for any sports organisation, local or not, wanting to book a sports field. 

This can be quite challenging at times as we have many facilities shared by different sports. Another challenge is managing season overlaps between summer and winter sports.

We have a great working relationship with Council staff who do a great job making sure all our venues are able to be used when required.

What are our most popular sports – both winter and summer?

In terms of numbers, it would probably be football and netball in winter, Oztag and cricket in summer.

What are the most unusual/least known ones?

The most unusual would be the Croquet Club situated in the picturesque Jamberoo sports precinct. Some people may be surprised to learn that softball operates at Chapman Oval and Little Athletics at the Kiama Sports Complex.

It sounds like a big job. What motivates you and your colleagues to do all this?

That’s a good question. Some have doubted our collective sanity taking on this task voluntarily. To be honest we are fortunate to have some wonderful administrators among our members and they are a pleasure to deal with. 

The local sporting community is quite tight knit. I consider it a privilege to be involved with them. 

We often host large sporting events and high-profile sports teams. Can you give us some recent examples?

The iconic Kiama Sevens, which has been running for more than 50 years, is probably the largest recent event. 

Kiama Junior Football also hosted a really popular Sydney FC Female Football Tournament prior to the recent Women’s World Cup.

There have also been several large surfing events on our beautiful beaches.

When it comes to high-profile teams, we regularly receive host NRL clubs, including the defending premiers, the Penrith Panthers.

Why do you think these organisations/teams want to visit Kiama?

Our proximity to Sydney provides easy access.

The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery also provide a strong incentive. 

When you combine that with our coastal sports fields and local facilities, we’re hard to beat.

In your view, why is sport important for our community?

Sport fosters social connections and community cohesion. Sport brings people together. It creates opportunities for interaction, friendship, and a sense of belonging. 

It plays a crucial role in promoting physical health, fostering social connections, teaching valuable life skills, encouraging personal development, and contributing to economic growth.

By bringing people together, it enriches their lives and strengthens the bonds of our whole community.

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