Blue Angle Creek - Bank Stabilisation

  • Project typeEnvironmental protection
  • Project value$52,605.00
Photo of erosion site on Blue Angle Creek

Bank erosion along Blue Angle Creek at the project location is being exacerbated by informal bank access for recreational activities, uncontrolled storm-water discharge and a lack of riparian vegetation.

The active bank erosion is affecting estuary health through increased downstream sedimentation, which in turn is contributing to a localised decline in water quality.

The erosion is also threatening accommodation infrastructure at Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park, as well as recreational use of the estuary.

Two locations will receive bank stabilisation and erosion control measures.

The bank stabilisation design incorporates environmental aspects such as estuarine and riparian vegetation, maximisation of habitat diversity and complexity and low gradient slopes and benches.

The use of rock is suitable due to site access and a combination of softer design options where applicable.

Vegetation will be used to stabilise the erosion reduction works and facilitate in this process.

Funding for this work was provided by the NSW Government through the Coastal and Estuary Implementation Program.



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