Minnamurra River Rock Wall Remediation

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Council is investigating remediation of the rock walls along the Minnamurra River.

Council has engaged a coastal engineer to assess the rock walls and natural riverbanks between James Oates Reserve and James Holt Reserve. 

The resulting report includes priority areas and options for remediation works:

Minnamurra Rock Wall Assessment Concept Design Report(PDF, 7MB)

We have also community feedback on the report and its recommendations, including the options for different areas along the river.   

This feedback was included in a report to councillors.

This will allow Council to identify internal and external funding options, such as NSW and Australian Government grants.

It will also help with scheduling the project. 

We will include community feedback and support for each option when preparing a final report to councillors.

This report will also consider financial, environmental and other factors in making a final recommendation.

There will be further opportunity for community involvement as the project progresses.

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