Yellow Rock name change to Yellow Rock Ridge


Kiama Council and Shellharbour Council are investigating options to resolve a duplication in the suburb name of Yellow Rock, which spans both our Local Government Areas (LGAs).

The NSW Geographical Names Board (GNB) has notified us that the suburb name Yellow Rock is duplicated with Yellow Rock located within the Blue Mountains LGA.  

The GNB has requested all NSW Councils investigate solutions to resolve the duplication of road and suburb names within NSW. This is because duplicated suburbs, road names and addresses can cause issues with emergency services responses, service deliveries, navigation, postal services and identity management.

Kiama and Shellharbour Councils are investigating the best means to resolve the Yellow Rock duplication and create a unique identity that satisfies the GNB, with the least impost to residents, while retaining the historic significance of the area.

We are working with Shellharbour Council to undertake community consultation on this issue.

In April 2023 Kiama and Shellharbour Councils wrote to affected residents to advise of the following proposed options:

  • Add a prefix or suffix to existing suburb name – eg: Yellow Rock Creek or Mount Yellow Rock
  • Change the duplicated suburb name to a completely new unique name
  • Dissolve the duplicated suburb into an adjoining suburb
  • Change the duplicated road name in the duplicated suburb

Both Kiama and Shellharbour Councils’ preference is for the addition of a prefix or suffix as above, as this best retains the historical significance of the area and will have the least impact on affected owners and residents.

July 2023 update

Kiama and Shellharbour Councils have again written to residents with two proposed suffix options: 

  • Yellow Rock Ridge
  • Yellow Rock Creek

Affected residents have been supplied with a survey (see attached) to indicate their preference. 

September 2023 update

Kiama Council endorsed the proposal to rename the suburb of Yellow Rock to Yellow Rock Ridge at this our Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 September.

Read our press release: Yellow Rock to be renamed Yellow Rock Ridge

If the same proposal is also endorsed by Shellharbour Council at their meeting on 26 September, it will then go to the GNB for approval. 

November 2023 update

The proposal was approved by Shellharbour City Council and the GNB is seeking public comment on the proposal.

Visit to the Geographical Names Board website to view the proposal and make a submission:

Submissions close 12 January 2024.

March 2024 update

The GNB has approved and gazetted the name change and residents have been notified. 

Image: The junction of Illawarra Highway and Yellow Rock Road, Tullimbar c.1895 (colourised)