Development Application forms and guides

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You can check our development fees and charges in our annual fees(PDF, 2MB), or submit the online form that applies below:

Development Application (DA)

Construction Certificate (CC) Application

Subdivision Works Certificate (SWC) Application

Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) Packages

Subdivision Certificate (SC) Application

Section 4.55 - Application to Modify Consent

Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Application

Activities Application under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993



Guide and templates

Guide to carrying out Development or an Activity in the Kiama Municipality(PDF, 1MB)

Guide Appendix 1 - Building Construction Cost Guide(PDF, 344KB)

Guide Appendix 2 - Cost Summary Report Template(PDF, 602KB)

Guide Appendix 3 - Naming Convention(PDF, 493KB)

Development Application Guide for Home Based Food Businesses(PDF, 972KB)

Development Application checklists

For dwelling alterations and additions such as garages, carports, swimming pools:

Checklist 1 - Ancillary Residential Development Application(PDF, 2MB)

For single and rural dwelling, dual occupancy or secondary dwellings:

Checklist 2 - Low Density Residential Development Application(PDF, 789KB)

For multi-dwelling housing, residential flat building, seniors living, shop-top housing:

Checklist 3 - Medium Density Residential Development Application(PDF, 911KB)

For food and drinks premises fit out, alterations and additions to commercial/industrial building, new commercial, industrial or educational building:

Checklist 4 - Commercial/Industrial/Educational Development Application(PDF, 5MB)

For subdivision of land or building:

Checklist 5 - Subdivision Development Application(PDF, 719KB)

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