Development contributions

Development contributions are levied on Development Applications (DAs) and Complying Development Certificates (CDCs) under either a Section 7.11 or Section 7.12 Contributions Plan. 

Contributions levied under Section 7.11 are calculated based on the number of additional lots, dwellings, gross floor area or land area. Contributions levied under Section 7.12 are calculated based on the proposed cost of carrying out the development. 

Note: All of Kiama Municipal Council’s Section 7.11 Contribution Plans have now been repealed, and all applications determined from 11 December 2023 will be levied under the Section 7.12 Contribution Plan.

Additional information can be found in the Section 7.12 Contribution Plan(PDF, 2MB).

You can also request a fee estimate here.

How is the contribution amount calculated?

The Section 7.12 Contribution Plan levies based on the cost of development as follows:

Proposed cost of development*

Levy Rate

Up to and including $100,000


$100,001 to $200,000


More than $200,000


* The cost of works is calculated in accordance with clause 208 of the EP&A Regulation 2021.

The contribution amount payable will be set out in your development consent or as a condition of a Complying Development Certificate.

Why has the amount I need to pay changed?

The contribution amount payable will be subject to indexation until the date of payment. Indexation will be processed quarterly based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Sydney, and will be effective on the following days:

Index Quarter

Effective From

March Quarter

1 May

June Quarter

1 August

September Quarter

1 November

December Quarter

1 February

When do I need to pay the contribution?

  • For a DA that involves construction - before any Construction Certificate is issued
  • For a DA that involves subdivision only - before a Subdivision Certificate is issued
  • For a CDC that involves construction - before any work authorised by the certificate commences
  • For a CDC that involves subdivision only - before any Subdivision Certificate is issued.

How do I pay my contribution?

Before arranging payment, please contact Council to check the current indexed amount payable. 

The following payment methods are available:

  • Phone – please call (02) 4232 0444 to pay by credit card.
  • In person – please visit the Administration Building at 11 Manning Street Kiama to pay by cash, EFTPOS, credit card or bank cheque (personal cheques are not accepted).
  • Post – please mail a bank cheque to PO Box 75 KIAMA NSW 2533.


Where do the contributions get spent?

Development contributions paid to council will help fund local infrastructure like parks, sports fields, community facilities, local roads, footpaths and traffic management. The projects will be included in the Delivery and Operational Plans and delivered by council.

Planning Agreements

Some developers may offer to enter into a Planning Agreement (also known as a VPA) to provide development contributions. Our Planning Agreement Policy sets out the circumstances in which council may enter into a Planning Agreement, the negotiation process, and the implementation steps.

More information can be found in the Planning Agreements Policy(PDF, 340KB) .


Housing and Productivity Contribution (HPC)

The s7.11 and s7.12 contributions are paid to council to help fund local infrastructure. The Housing and Productivity Contribution (HPC) is paid to the state government to help fund regional and state infrastructure. The HPC was introduced on 1 October 2023 and may apply to residential subdivisions, commercial and industrial developments. If applicable, the HPC will be a condition of your approval and will be paid to the state government via the Planning Portal.

 More information is available at