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Exhibitions at the Kiama Council Chambers and Mayors Office are six to eight weeks in duration and based around themes relevant to the time of year.

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International Men's Day

The theme for International Men’s Day 2022 in Australia is “Celebrating Mateship” and our aim is to inspire more men to #MakeTime4Mates.

Mateship is a key feature of Australian national identity and has a particular association with close male friendships. Research shows that close friendships and social connections can promote good health. This year's theme aims to highlight the role mateship plays in helping men live longer, better, healthier lives.

Contributing artists are:

Rowan Hollingworth (photography)

Rowan Hollingworth had a career in tertiary level science education as a lecturer in Chemistry at the University of New England and as an advisor on Australian government funded projects assisting the development of universities in Indonesia.

He has had a lifetime interest in the arts. In the 70s and 80s his interest was more in ceramics, and he was a co-owner of a ceramic's gallery in Armidale. His ceramics are represented in several regional galleries, as well as private collections.

Rowan’s interest in photography has intensified since his retirement to Kiama in 2007 and with the development of digital photography and the digital manipulation of images.

Rowan mainly concentrates on two quite different styles of work – “straight” photographic images, particularly macro photography and intimate landscapes. His other interest is more digital art, where he uses a combination of photographic images to produce something from the imagination.

Jon Harris (photograghy)

You could say that Jon's photographic journey started deeply rooted within the art world. His inspiration came from nature – light, shadow, geometry, and patterns. He started to study the work of other talented photographers, so that his interest in photography – always hovering in the background – sparked into flame as he started to experiment with his first ‘grown up’ camera. 

His exploration has taken him across a range of photographic genres – weddings, architecture, travel, landscapes, commercial, portraits and more. Jon feels he has come full circle now, and his passion for sharing the world as he sees it has been strengthened by his exposure to a variety of subjects and the shooting styles and technical skills they require. 

Jon is happiest when he sees the reactions and intrigue of people viewing his work. So, all he asks is that you give yourself permission to explore whatever inspiration you feel when you look at his photos… and think about how you can put that inspiration into action. 

Resident Artist at Fern Street Gallery, Gerringong 
Kangaroo Valley Art Prize Semi-Finalist - 2020 
Kangaroo Valley Art Prize Finalist - 2018 
Thirroul Seaside Festival Art Show Finalist

Web - www.jonharris.photography
Instagram - @jonharris_photography

Ken Tucker (painting)

Ken Tucker is a local self-taught artist who is committed, passionate and has a don’t die wondering attitude to his art practice.

Ken's achievements include award winning exhibitions both national and international, art workshops, live performance art, tutoring, sculptural and community-based programs.

Apart from growing his expertise and learning new skills Ken’s focus has always been connecting and contributing to community. His artworks reflect the inspiration from the local environment.

Twogulls Art Studio

11 Gray Street, Kiama Downs.


Colin Harwood (printing)

Colin Harwood’s main artistic interest is in printmaking. His working career was spent in the chemical sciences in the mining industry, research and adult education. On retirement he attended West Wollongong Art School where he graduated with a Diploma in Visual Art in 2013.

In 2015 he set up Empirical Print, a studio concentrating on experimental printmaking.

Printmaking is currently undergoing a revival using new non-toxic processes and Colin applies his chemical knowledge to produce etchings, relief prints, and mono prints using a variety of materials. His principle subject matter is Kiama and its surrounding countryside.

His other interests continue to be chemistry, environmental science, and philosophy, with a particular interest in environmental philosophy and aesthetics. He has served on the Kiama Art Society committee since 2018 and is currently vice president.


  • Bachelor of Science (UNSW) (Chemistry and biochemistry)
  • Diploma of Teaching (UTS) (Adult education)
  • Master of Education (UCAN) (Educational research)
  • Diploma Visual Art (TAFE) Bachelor of Arts (MAQ) (Philosophy)


I would like to exhibit

We are now seeking artsits for 2023 exhibtions.

Artists and artwork are chosen based on their relevance to the theme, size (must have one side of at least 80cm) and appropriateness to the exhibition space.

Displayed artwork can include pricing, there will be no commission taken or fees charged for exhibiting.

If you are a visual artist living in the Kiama local government area please indicate your interest using the EOI link below.

Include with your EOI:

  • your name and contact details
  • the theme you are interested in
  • images of the 5 - 6 paintings and their dimensions that you would like to exhibit.

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