Daisy the Decorated Dairy Cow

Daisy design

Hello, I am Daisy, the constantly evolving painted cow located in Kiama, NSW.

I sleep at night in the Old Fire Station, but by day, I stand proudly outside for everyone to see.

People from all around the world take pictures of me as a memento of their time in Kiama.

You can visit me everyday of the week (except Thursdays). I love to see you between 10am and 3pm each day. Depending on who is exhibiting at the Old Fire Station I sometimes get to stay out even longer.

Whether you are a local resident or visitor to our beautiful Kiama, please come along and say hello, maybe even take a photo.

I love to see the little calves as well, they usually like to give me a pat, which keeps me smiling all day long.

Painting Daisy

As a rule, my artwork is not planned and local artists, individuals and community groups paint me as they see fit.

I am certainly not an art snob and welcome all potential painters. As long as you have passion and an interesting and creative idea your application will be considered. 

You can apply to paint me by completing my online application form.

Apply to paint Daisy

Daisy History

I was ‘born’ in 1991 and am modelled on a real cow named Meadowhaven Daisy the 47th. Meadowhaven Daisy was an Illawarra Short Horn bred and owned by Kiama farmer, Tom Walsh.

I was sculpted by local Italian born sculptor, Ernesto Murgo.

Ernesto was a fireball of creative energy, sure of eye and deft of hand. He fashioned my skeleton of wire and I can still feel the creative charisma that seemed to flow from those hands.

Ernesto made me out of wire for bones and paiper mache for flesh. However, I was later given a tougher hide made from plaster and sisal and in 2018, I was refurbished with fibreglass and kevlar.

I like watching the tourists taking photos of me and I do smile a bit when they call out, ’Say cheese’.

I am heartened by the thought that if we scoured the world, tourists from every corner of the earth could unearth a photo of me fulfilling my role.

Nowadays, all around the world, cities have different kinds of painted and colourful cows. From Zurich, Madrid and Tokyo to New York and Shepparton. However, they all seem to have surfaced after my first appearance in 1991. Who knows it may have been a visitor to Kiama who spread the idea because they saw me.

While I am now over 31 years old (the natural lifespan of a cow being 20 years) I know I’m certainly not on my last legs yet. After all I am Meadowhaven Daisy the 47th.

I look forward to meeting you soon, let’s have a photo together when you come to see my next new and colourful design.



Daisy's song, written and recorded by Phyl Lobl.