Overgrown land

If you are affected by overgrown vegetation on nearby land, you can report it to Council.

Council is required to act on these complaints as part of our responsibilities under the Local Government Act.

You can either submit an online customer request here or by calling us on 02 4232 0444.

You will need to identify the property location and provide us with details of the issue.


Next steps

Step 1.Our Rangers will inspect the property

We'll forward your request to our Ranger Services team.

A Ranger will first inspect the property to assess the conditions for themselves. 

Should the Ranger deem the property acceptable, no further action will be required.

Step 2.Action required

If the inspecting Ranger agrees that action is needed to clean and clear the site, they will then contact the land owner providing them a notice of intention to give an order.

The owner then has 14 days to mow their lawn.

Step 3.Inaction notice

If the owner doesn't action the request, Council will then issue the order, giving the owner a further 28 days to comply.

Step 4.Further inaction notice

If the owner still fails to act, we will then issue a notice of entry, so that Council can complete the works.

A notice of entry is required for Council to enter private property.

Council uses contractors to complete the works.

Some properties require more than just a mow and this is assessed by our Rangers and the contractors.

Step 5.Costs invoiced

The cost of the works is then charged to the property owner.