Gainsborough Oval update

Published on 18 November 2022


Kiama Council has heard the community’s concerns and questions regarding the ongoing flooding and water levels affecting Gainsborough Oval.

Gainsborough Oval is part of the Gainsborough retention basin – an area that is designed to capture water including stormwater runoff, and funnel it through a system of pipes out to sea via the Minnamurra River.

This year’s unprecedented wet weather has meant water has not been draining effectively, which has resulted in the sportsfield being closed for extended periods. It has also meant Kiama Council’s Parks and Gardens staff have been unable to mow the field or its surrounds.

As part of our remediation efforts, Kiama Council has undertaken to pump water from the pipes and clear debris, to help water drain from the surface of the retention basin more efficiently.

It’s proving a difficult job, because every time it rains, the surface floods again.

In the pipes, we're finding bottles, cans, plastic bags, PVC, bikes and scooters.

When the surface of the retention basin is dry and firm, Council will then engage a contractor who will bring in a specialised truck and machinery to clear out the drains inside the retention basin using CCTV cameras to find the issues and jetting and sucking to remove the blockages.

It's possible that any further blockage identified outside the retention basin may be removed using this same method.

However, if more invasive excavation techniques are required, we will need to conduct a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to assess any potential risk to local flora and fauna including frogs, fish and eels before undertaking the work.

Council is working hard to get this job done as soon as possible, weather permitting.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding as we try to get these grounds back in usable condition. 

Picture: some of the rubbish Kiama Council retrieved from the pipes at Gainsborough Oval.

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