Gerringong Town Centre Review

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Council is set to begin its review of the Gerringong Town Centre Study.

As part of the Kiama Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS), our community identified the need to strengthen our commercial centres and celebrate and protect local character.

The need to maintain the distinct nature and character of our towns and villages is included in the community’s vision in the LSPS 2020.

Several LSPS actions must be completed by 30 June 2022.

One of which is to review our Town Centre Studies, incorporating character studies.

We have already completed a review of the Kiama Town Centre. Following the study, draft updates have been made to Chapter 4 and Chapter 12 (Topic 12.7) of the Development Control Plan, which are currently under review.

The Gerringong Town Centre Study Review is next.

The aim of the Gerringong Town Centre Study is to:

  • Accommodate growth in the town centre in a form that respects and supports the existing established character.
  • Facilitate the articulation of a clear direction on the future development of the town centre.
  • Provide a blueprint on where and how future development may best take place within the town centre.
  • Provide guidance and direction for the statutory planning functions of Council.
  • Ensure that future development is financially viable, suits the needs of residents and is sustainable.
  • Facilitate the achievement of the underlying principles, as supported by Council, for the improvement of the town centre.