Information for parents & carers

Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynne Cosgrove attending Youth Centre in 2018.

Caring for young people is one of the most important and challenging jobs in the world.

Parents and carers are learning and growing through these years just like their young people and it is impossible to do it without support.

Sometimes you just want to know, “Is this normal?”

The answer is probably, “YES!”

SENTRAL Youth Services is staffed by a team of Youth Workers who are available to assist and provide information, advice and referral.

We practice child-safe principles and have a range of information available about child safety.

This includes keeping all information about your family confidential.

Youth Workers can help you navigate services for your young person and provide direct referrals to specialist youth services including:

  • Headpsace
  • Southern Youth and Family Services or
  • local job search agencies.

You can also view a comprehensive list of services in our Youth Directory.

We have a range of fact sheets and information about new services for young people at the Youth Centre if you or your child would like to visit at anytime.

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