IPART approves Special Rates Variation


The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has approved Council’s Special Rate Variation (SRV) application for 2019/20 and 2020/21. 

Mayor Mark Honey has welcomed the approval, which he said was essential for Kiama Council to continue to meet community needs and expectations.

“Residents recently reported a very high level of satisfaction with Council, in terms of the services and facilities we provide,” Clr Honey said.

“This decision means we can continue with our Long Term Financial Plan, which in turn allows us to continue to serve our community to that same high level.”

Council will now have an extra $3 million for maintaining existing services, infrastructure and community facilities, renew infrastructure, and increase its financial sustainability.

IPART reported:

“The application was assessed by IPART against the NSW Government’s published criteria, taking into account the Council’s planning and reporting documents and financial need for the additional revenue, its community consultation on the proposed changes and the capacity of ratepayers to pay the requested increase.”

“Kiama Council was able to meet the criteria for approval of the special variation by demonstrating a clear need for the additional revenue to fund asset renewals.” 

“We found the impact to be reasonable and that the Council is taking steps to improve productivity and contain costs.”

IPART also said the average residential rate would increase by $91 in 2019-20 and by $187 over two years. The average business rate would rise by $83 in 2019-20 and by $190 over two years, while farmland rates would rise by $158 in 2019-20 and by $325 over two years.

Council will consider its Draft Operational Plan for 2019/20, including the Special Rate Variation, at its meeting on 21 May, before it is placed on public exhibition.

Further information: http://www.kiama.nsw.gov.au/srv