Robots and Jobs in the Machine Age


For many Australians, rapid progress in artificial intelligence, robotics and automation is a growing anxiety. What will it mean for jobs and our kids’ futures? More broadly, what will it mean for equality in this country?

Join Mike Quigley, Adjunct Professor at UTS, discussing the book he co-authored with Labor MP and Shadow Minister for Finance Jim Chalmers ‘Changing Jobs: The Fair Go in the New Machine Age’. 

Described as “a thought-provoking and stimulating book that arrives at some novel – and potentially controversial – solutions to one of the defining challenges of our age” by Fairfax senior economics writer Jessica Irvine, the book examines if it is possible to combine the ‘fair go’ with technological change.

In this free talk, Mike Quigley will give an overview of the book and provide the audience with an understanding of why both he and Jim believes that it is possible to address the worst consequences of technological change without denying Australians its broader benefits, and the role of a high performing and ubiquitous broadband network to Australia’s ongoing prosperity.

Mike Quigley has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. He was appointed in July 2009 as the CEO of NBN Co. to construct a new fixed-line broadband network serving every premise in Australia, and built the company from its inception until he retired in September 2013. Mike is currently an Adjunct Professor at UTS, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Technicolor SA, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Part of our celebration of National Science Week, themed ‘Game Changers and Change Makers’, join Mike at 6pm Friday 17 August at Kiama Library.

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