Renewable energy projects

Administration Building photovoltaic system


We've installed renewable energy and energy efficiency technology in some of our buildings.

We'll continue to explore and install projects as part of our 5 Cities Power Partnership pledges.

Administration Building

Here we've installed a:

  • power factor correction unit
  • voltage power optimisation unit
  • 10kW photovoltaic solar system (accounts for around 5% of the building's energy usage).

Kiama Council Admin Building - Photovoltaic system

Works Depot

Here we've upgraded 40 (400W) mercury vapour lights with 160W high bay induction lights.

Kiama Library

We've installed a 32kW photovoltaic system.

It accounts for approximately 30% of the site's energy consumption.

Kiama Library.jpg

Blue Haven Bonaira

 Here we've installed a total of 44kW solar photovoltaic systems:

  • 1 x 20kW system on our Residential Aged Care Facility
  • 3 x 8kW systems on our Independent Living Unit blocks.

Blue Haven - main

Street lighting

We use funding from our revolving energy fund to participate in the NSW Government's Accelerated LED Upgrade Program.

The program will upgrade our 676 (50W and 80W) streetlights to energy efficient LEDs.